Tips on How to Preserve your Wedding Gown

by Jenny Evangelista March 23, 2015

Make sure your wedding gown's fabric texture upon purchased is complete and fabric is still nice and smooth. The embellishments like the materials used intact especially the attached beads and flashy things on it. Because even a small defects will weaken the overall beauty of the wedding dress.

Getting to clean your bridal dress is pretty complicated because it's one of the most significant purchases that a woman can make, and is often one of the major expenses of a wedding. Well, generally wedding dress can be put in a hanger like we used in regular dresses in order to avoid tear and other damages. 

Obviously, wedding dress should be dry cleaned or hand wash in small area where there's a small dirty spot. Choose a dry cleaner who's very experienced in their profession. Be sure they are familiar in the delicate fabrics, especially if there are bead works or other intricate embellishments. 

Washing machine is NOT recommended because it will rip or damage the delicate fabric. If you insists in using the machine, make sure that the accessories are all down that might damage your dress. Please DO NOT dry spin the dress. Just take it out and hang it like an ordinary dress. 

After cleaning your wedding dress, put it in a safe and clean sealed box to avoid any insects or any other unwanted elements that can damage your bridal dress.  Take this tips, so that you can pass it on to another generations.



Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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