How To Get your own Measurements, The Easy Way

by Jenny Evangelista June 19, 2015

There are many different size charts available, but it's best to ignore them when ordering your wedding dress online. The worst thing you can do is wear a dress that is too tight. A properly fitting dress is always more flattering than one you squeeze into for the sake of a size label. 

Well, first of is we always recommend getting a professional tailor to easily get measured. It's really, really hard to get your precise measurements, please do see a professional. Alright, let's get measuring. You need a couple of materials such as soft measuring tape, a pen and paper. And the best to get the accurate measurements is to measure just under your garment. So, when you're in a professional tailor it's recommended to remove your clothing. 

The first step is we're going to take your bust measurement. So, you must lift your arms and place the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Once, you have the tape measure all the way around, lower your arms. Please don't really pull the tape tight, it should be comfortable but not shortening. 

Second, find your natural waist. When you bend to the side, the deepest wrinkle is your waistline. Make sure you measure to closest half an inch and do not pull the tape too tight. 


Now, let's measure you hip. Find the widest part of your hip and if we say the "widest" it's not actually the widest part in the front. Just make sure you find the fullest part of your body. Again, don't pull the tape measure too tight. 


Once you get these three measurements, you check the manufacturers size chart. It is important when you order a Made-to-Order and bespoke styles that align between your largest measurement. So, if you're confused and needing a clarification, Elliot Claire is here to help you.

Booked for an early appointment, we have stylists in the showroom that will help you during your appointment.



Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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