Basic Guidelines for a wedding guest etiquette

by Jenny Evangelista July 28, 2015

Good etiquette has a long lasting impression on guests and give a perfect start to the holy occasion. When planning a wedding one thing to think about is to have a proper etiquette. Many people seem to have forgotten basic manners and protocol when attending social functions. So, it is good to know some of simple wedding etiquettes which have to be followed diligently:

If you're invited to your friend's wedding and you don't want to go alone. Please don't assume to bring a date. Unless it says “and guest” on the invitation, only you should be attending. And DON’T call the bride and ask if you can bring a date, either. If it were in their budget, the bride and groom would’ve extended the extra invitation. 

Try to get a gift as early as possible, especially if your gift seems more personal and when there is more a selection to choose from. Avoid of bringing a large gift for the newly wed because you're giving them a problem on how to fit all their gift in the car.

Usually, weddings start late but it doesn't mean that you should too. ou should be in the ceremony before 20 minutes early. While attending the ceremony, don't forget to turn off your phone or put it in a silent mode. Or else, you will ruin the couple's big day. 

The dress codes for perhaps the most important when attending a wedding and there are still a few basic principles that it would be wise to obey. The number one rule is that only the bride should wear white. A female guest who wears an all-white outfit will definitely be the recipient of the shocked stares of people who think she is trying to upstage the bride, even if that is not her intention. Wear a dress even if it's a casual wedding day. Dress for the venue but always follow the bride and groom's instructions. The men will wear suits during the day (or a blazer and trousers to a semi-formal wedding), and tuxedos or suits in the evening.

With these basic things in mind, you will be a perfect model wedding guest, and yours will be a welcome presence. It is truly a delight to the newlyweds to feel that all of their guests are having a wonderful time at their wedding day. And before you leave the house for the ceremony, remember that the most important thing to bring is a smile on your face.

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Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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