10 Tips to a Memorable and Enjoyable Wedding Day

by Jenny Evangelista August 07, 2015

"Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story. Jennifer Smith".

If you will look back 50 years from the date you're wed, how will you remember your wedding day? Weddings are expected to be fun and exciting. The goal is to make your big day an unforgettable event not just for you and your spouse but for your entire family and friends.

Here are 10 tips as to how you can make your wedding the most memorable and enjoyable day that will leave you and your beloved guests talking in a very good way.

TIP 1: Make sure to finalize your wedding plans and itineraries. Ensuring that all of your plans are taken care off at least a week or two before your the celebration will positively impact the output of your wedding. Your plans and timeliness should be realistic as much as possible, always saving a room for delays and errors. Hiring a wedding planner or having a coordinator on and off-site will save your time and effort, it will also remove a ton of stress on your back, keeping all the drama on the sides. Finalizing plans should mainly include the following; food, venue, a live band or DJ, vendors confirmation, invitations are printed and distributed with details for the location, time and schedules of rehearsals, bridal showers and main wedding event time lines.  This will make the bridal party, family members and guest all on the same page about who needs to where and when. 

TIP 2: Fit to fit. Before the big day, make sure that your wedding gown fits properly on you and shoes are break-in. Fitting on your wedding gown before the  big day will give time for any alterations needed. Breaking on your shoes before the wedding day will remove the possibility of feeling awkward due to sore feet. Bringing a spare shoes is also a great idea that you can easily slip on during photo shoots.

TIP 3: Give your self an ample time to prepare. Get to bed early the night before so you can be at your very best and surely you'll wake up refreshed. Have a proper breakfast to ensure that you'll have energy all through out the day.  Having time to prepare will give you time to relax and not stress over as to what time you'll be done or if you'll finish on time.

TIP 4: Make a list. The bride and groom should make a list of all the things that they need to do on the wedding day itself. Discuss the level of expectations towards behavior with your groomsmen and bridesmaid. If you prepared your own wedding vows, internalize on it again.

TIP 5: Loosen up the nerves. Before you walk down the aisle, take some candid photos of yourselves but put them away during the ceremony itself. Your wedding is far more important than your phones. Perhaps do a little stretching, it will surely release the tension (so that you'll not gasp) and increase your blood flow. When it's time to walk down the aisle. Stop to take it all then take a deep breath. Gaze at your spouse and let the journey begins.

TIP 6: Take 10. Making sure to take at least 10 minute full dinner date with your spouse will give you energy to roam around and greet all of your guests clamoring for your attention. 

TIP 7: Be Pleasantly Awesome. No one likes a grumpy bride, so greet everyone with a smile. At the same time, listen and stay poised when someone gives you a message. If something inappropriate is said, let it pass without reacting too much. Your guests might have missed the message but will never forget an angry bride.

TIP 8: Say Thank you. It will feel good to thank your parents, grandparents, and guests (especially those who traveled great distances) for making such a momentous occasion in your life possible so give your heartfelt thank you speech with your spouse. Make sure to also have a moment with your other parent.

TIP 9: Relax and Enjoy the night. Your favorite songs are playing in the background, the dance floor is packed with people you love and appreciate, what should you do? Celebrate, dance to the beat of your favorite song. By the way, don't get drunk (drink water in between). This is the day you'll want to remember clearly for the rest of your life. 

TIP 10: Remember why you are celebrating in the first place. Do your best to cherish this once in a lifetime event. Despite all the preparations and planning, it's not going to be perfect, that is one thing for sure. Always remember, the party, the food, the band, etc. have little importance to the success of your marriage. By the end of the day, all that matters -- is love.

Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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