by Jenny Evangelista August 18, 2015

"Knowing what not to wear to a wedding is just as important as knowing what is appropriate to wear to a wedding". Here is five of the most common wedding dress guest mistakes women make when choosing a wedding outfit.



Technically if you show up in a white dress on a wedding you're not exactly doing anything wrong. Though people might remember you as the "girl who wore a white dress, like the bride". Think about this, is it worth it? Can we give this day primarily honoring the bride?

Though the bride might not be wearing a white wedding gown or she's very nice, she will not care if I wore a white dress or you might think that this is an old-fashioned rule. But ladies listen, wearing a white dress might put you in the hot seat with other guest, it can give you can rub a lot of people the wrong way. Always remember, anything that looks bridal, even remotely, or anything that could be conceivably mistaken for a wedding dress, is inappropriate to wear, the bride might not say anything, but, as a guest, you are indirectly offending the bride. So save your beautiful white dress for another awesome occasion that doesn't involve reading vows. If wearing a white dress is really your style, putting some accessories, or perhaps a white dress with patterns will do. Remember, unless dress code is all white, don't wear white.


There is really nothing wrong into wearing a red dress to wedding. The real issue here is, what type of red colored dress you wore. The wearing red dress can still a huge attention to you and steal the moment from the bride. The red color in any way will always stand out. It is just too loud and very distracting. How about thinking of an alternative color, still related to red, but not that bright and slightly deep. Or, if I can really suggest, avoid red all together. Remember, unless the dress code is all red, don't wear red.


Weddings are a very special, formal and classy occasion. Though yes, the reception will likely feature some dancing and mingling with other guests. It is not a place or the right t occasion to just wiggle, dance and party with the DJ or the band all night long. Let me give you few examples of attires that are inappropriate:

Skimpy, tight and tiny clothes – These are clothes that show your upper thighs and cleavage hanging out, such a tiny clothing that hugs every curve of your body.

A Super Sparkly Dress - This is not your day to shine, sister.

Anything that Reveals Your Belly Button - Unless the wedding you're going to is a pool party, then keep your belly button inside.

Jeans - Wearing jeans to a wedding is like refusing the brides’ advanced notice completely, it offends everyone! I seriously do not understand how someone finds it acceptable to do this. I once went to a wedding where the grooms’ sister wore a plain blue jeans and a t-shirt. The entire family was all dressed up, so it is obvious that the bride definitely wasn’t going for some casual vibe.

I know, when you're attending a wedding and you are single and ready to mingle with some hot men you might meet in the wedding, you will somehow feel tempted to throw yourself into the idea of wearing a mini-dress or something showy or too casual. But please, resist that temptation. Ladies keep in mind, it is a wedding and there is always a dress code to follow, unless the dress code tells you to wear something skimpy or casual, then, it is not a venue to wear what you wanted to wear because you feel like wearing it.


If you're attending a wedding, as a guest your outfit shouldn’t look too much like the bridesmaids’ dresses. You might be thinking of wearing something that is following the wedding scheme and color coordination. Though yes it is a fantastic idea. But let me tell you this, wearing an identical dress to the bridesmaids, most of the time can give the impression of being offended to the fact of not being asked to be one. Though I agree also that coincidences happen and sometimes guests will unknowingly turn up in the venue wearing the same color as the bridesmaids, which can’t be helped.



If you are a guest to a wedding, invitations will always be received prior to the date of the wedding. Details will always include the "dress code" which sad to say most guests more often than not failed to check. Let me give you some quick tips: If it is a black tie dress code, an evening gown or cocktail dress is expected. If it is a white tie dress code nothing but a ball gown will suffice, for a lounge suit dress code, a daytime summer dress, a skirt and top or a light suit is required. Now, if there is no dress code on the invitation, a colorful summer dress is usually a safe bet. Dress codes should be paid attention to. Believe me, you don't want to feel out of place. Nothing could feel more awkward than that.

To wrap this up, if you are ever in doubt about what colors are okay to wear to weddings, choose conservative, classic attire. Once you have carefully and thoughtfully selected your clothing for the wedding, relax. The bride and groom will be more than happy that you came to share the moment and memory in their special day.

Jenny Evangelista
Jenny Evangelista


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