Getting Cleavage When Wearing a Backless Evening Dress

by Avid Thinker September 24, 2013

Have you been eyeing that backless evening dress displayed on the nearby shop’s window? Do you badly want to try it on but are afraid that your bust will not do justice to the dress? Worry no more as women with a small front can now use a little help to boost their bosom when wearing a backless dress. An adequate support is needed to improve your cleavage without having to reveal bulky bra closures and thick straps. Lucky for us women these days, there are now various backless bra options that aims to enhance the breasts upward while forming cleavage in front and a seamless line in the back.

Here are several steps to acquire that cleavage ideal for backless evening dresses.

1. Properly get your bra measurements by wrapping a measuring tape around your body and under the breasts. Determine your bra band’s size by rounding the number up to the nearest inch. Next is to get the circumference of your chest in the middle of the breasts.

2. Visit a lingerie boutique for a bra fitting. The sales associate can provide you with the selection of convertible and backless bras available at their shop. Since different manufacturers have different fits, you should try out different brands to ensure you get the most comfortable design.

3. Get a bra with an all-over adhesive to try on. This is a type of bra that resemblers a standard one but without a clasp or straps. Inside can be found adhesive strips that firmly stick to the body.

4. Although there are a lot of options, you should go for a strapless bra with low back clasps. There are types that have front or side boning and clasps which connect right above the top of your buttocks to provide additional bust support so you can choose this one too.

5. For added lift, you can buy a bra that has a padding. Molded and padded cups can be chosen and then you can insert a silicon breast enhancer into the cups.

With these pointers, you are now ready to wear that backless evening gown and strut your stuff to the event that you are going to attend. Have a wonderful evening!

Avid Thinker
Avid Thinker


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