Things To Know When Shopping Mother of the Bride Dresses

When we say, Mother of the Bride, we usually think of matronly style dresses that look outdated, unflattering, and uncomfortable. Fortunately in this day and age, mothers can now freely express how they want to dress in their daughter’s special day.

Picking MOBs is not an easy task. With the wide array of wedding dresses available for them, it gets tough. So before you hit the stores in search for the perfect Mother of the Bride dress in the UK, here are some pointers to guide you.
Talk to the bride. Be it style, colour, and budget. The easiest way to narrow down choices is to get to know the requirements. Ask your daughter how light is powder blue, how embellished or a simple should your dress be. Start there.

Shop when the bride has finally picked her colour and for her bridesmaids. MOBs usually complement the other members of the entourage. It’s very helpful to have an insight on what colour to go for. Bring a swatch of fabric with you at all times when shopping Mother of Bride dresses.

Mother of Groom - Perfect Match! As a tradition, MOBs get to choose first. You must communicate your dress style and colour with the Mother of the Groom. Both of your styles should complement each other. After all, you are both very important to the couple.

Get your dresses at least 3 months in advance just in case you need time for alterations. You may look at the ready-to-wear mother of the brides UK dresses in the malls or bridal boutiques as they have quite a selection there as well. What’s even more helpful is that they have wedding experts who can help you with your choices.

Most importantly, never feel left out or out of place when the bride bonds with her bridesmaids most of the time. This is the perfect time to bond with the Mother of Groom. Schedule a time together or even yet, get ready for the wedding together. Have a happy wedding!